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Spring 2017-8 Academic Year

Growing Future Docs this Academic Year

The team at Future Doctors of America is working hard to grow this educating, inspiring, and empowering afterschool program in the 2017-2018 school year.  We are confirming local doctors to motivate students at 3-5 locations across the country in the Fall of 2017 to create a future less devastated by heart disease.  And, we will add on a few more in the spring.

But we do need your support along the way....

Are you a school administrator, teacher, or a local school/educational foundation board member?

We still have a couple of locations left for the coming school year!  Plans are currently underway in West & East Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, and Detroit areas.  Send us a email message to bring the program to your school district also.

Want to help grow Future Doctors of America?

We are growing Future Docs!  Want to help? Your company or organization can contribute to educating, inspiring, and empowering middle school students to create a future less devastated by heart disease.  Talk about money well spent!  Send an email message to request more information. 

Have special skills that can help us grow Future Docs?


Then please send an email message, we have a big mission and will need the support of communities to created a future less devastated by heart disease. 

Future Doctors of America in the 2017-2018 School Year made possible with the support of:

Local Program Sponsors

San Gabriel Educational Foundation

San Gabriel Valley Medical Center Foundation Fund

Bill Swail & Peoples Rx

Dr. Sarah Murphy

Advocates of Future Docs

Dr. Kelly Bender

Shar Coulson

Cole McKinstry

Dr. Sarah Murphy

Dr. Leila Turner

Fans of Future Docs

Erik Atkinson

Kenneth Burt, III

Stacy Lockard

Dr. Susy Macsay

Dr. Marinette Paredes Tran

Dr. Tracy Magerus

Dr. Aumatma Shah

Dr. Katherine Zagone

Supporters of Future Docs

Dr. Anjali Barve

Dr. Erin Rhae Biller

David Kennet

Dr. Stephen Messer

Dr. Paul Mittman

Mitch Snavely

Silvia Solano

Vic Vasan

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