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A Little Bit Ranch, a Little Bit Bleu Cheese Vegan Dressing

Exploring ways to replicate flavor combinations with plant-based foods can be one of the most fun parts of eating vegan. Like this Dressing.....a little extra tang along with some extra textures might just make this a family favorite.

When we first started taste testing the ridiculously delicious Buffalo Cauliflower Wings everyone said they were mouth-wateringly good. But they wanted a sauce on the side. So we got to work coming up with a new dressing.

This simple dressing is packed with plenty of protein. But what you'll probably notice is a bit of tang along with the extra texture from the pumpkin seeds along a super smooth and creamy base.

Please tell us what you think!

A Little Bit Ranch, A Little Bit Bleu Cheese Dressing

Prep time: 10 minutes

Makes: 10 tacos



  • 5 vegan "eggs"

  • 1 package of soy chorizo

  • 1 can of low sodium black beans

  • 1c shredded hash browns

  • 4T olive or coconut oil

  • 10 corn or "paleo" tortillas


  • Salsa

  • Vegan "cheese"

  • Avocado


1.) Scramble the vegan eggs as directed on the package. Prepare the soy chorizo as indicated on the package. Heat up the beans. Prepare the hash browns as indicated on the package.

2.) Heat up tortillas. Add filling. Top as desired.

3.) Please tell us what you think of this breakfast taco recipe!

This recipe was created as a part of the Mendez Middle School, Spring 2018 class. Made possible through the support of AISD and Mendez Middle School with generous financial support from Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy.

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