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The Best Vegan Breakfast Tacos

Vegan breakfast tacos are hard. Creating a delicious breakfast taco without eggs or cheese can be really difficulty.....but this recipe may just compete.

When we made this recipe in Austin, one of the students shared that this may just be the "best taco she has ever had". Oh my.... what a compliment to just how tasty these breakfast tacos are!

This recipe is simple to modify. It is also easy enough to prepare that your kids can help in making breakfast.

Hope it gives you one more vegan breakfast idea!

The Best Vegan Breakfast Taco

Prep time: 30 minutes

Makes: 10 tacos



  • 5 vegan "eggs"

  • 1 package of soy chorizo

  • 1 can of low sodium black beans

  • 1c shredded hash browns

  • 4T olive or coconut oil

  • 10 corn or "paleo" tortillas


  • Salsa

  • Vegan "cheese"

  • Avocado


1.) Scramble the vegan eggs as directed on the package. Prepare the soy chorizo as indicated on the package. Heat up the beans. Prepare the hash browns as indicated on the package.

2.) Heat up tortillas. Add filling. Top as desired.

3.) Please tell us what you think of this breakfast taco recipe!

This recipe was created as a part of the Mendez Middle School, Spring 2018 class. Made possible through the support of AISD and Mendez Middle School with generous financial support from Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy.

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